Student Affairs Administration Master 's Program : Supplemental Prompts

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Student Affairs Administration Master’s Program: Supplemental Prompts
State three (3) things you hope to gain from the program (max 500 words or 3 minutes.)
First and foremost, I hope to gain new experiences though my graduate work. It is my belief that to be truly effective as a leader and an educator, it is paramount that I broaden my perspectives as much as I can through meeting a variety of people and experiencing new environments. It is my hope that the next couple years will provide me with experiences that I have not had thus far in my education.
Secondly, I am looking for a way to continue to learn. I believe one of the most valuable parts of the higher education experience is not just becoming educated through obtaining skills
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Please discuss how your experiences, social identities, and/or beliefs will contribute to a diverse cohort. (max 500 words or 3 minutes of audio or video)
Because of my extensive involvement on campus I have had the pleasure of interacting with a numerous student affairs professionals and graduate students, many of whom I would call friends and mentors. However, I worry that there is also a lack of diversity in the profession. I have gotten the feeling that many of the individuals who have mentored me have a very limited understanding of the challenges of minority students and how to support them. It appears that many of the individuals are primarily white and generally cisgender and heterosexual. This is not to say that they do not care, quite the opposite, actually.
Although I identify as white, I have spent a significant amount of time among our multicultural communities. In that time I have learned much about the cultures that make up our educational environment and the challenges that individuals within these groups face. These challenges vary from very minute microaggressions to alcohol-fueled racism. I believe that I can take what I have learned and the stories I have been given with me to help influence others in my future cohort.
I identify within the LGBTQ community. That is a very important part of who I am and I am very passionate about how that identify plays into the experiences of people like me. I see a large
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