Student And Stakeholder Loyalty. Impact On School Performance.

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Student and Stakeholder Loyalty Impact on school performance When thinking of stakeholder loyalty and satisfaction one often thinks of a business. For example, Apple product owners are very loyal to Apple products and generally will not use anything else. A school and school district are a businesses in a way as well and do much better at cultivating stakeholder loyalty when they feel they have a voice and are being listened to. Research indicates that there is a benefit to partnering with parents and working to ensure their satisfaction and continued loyalty. Studies confirm that when families are involved, more students earn higher grades in English and math, improve their reading and writing skills, complete more course credit, set…show more content…
All parents use their own experiences in school to make decisions about how they feel about their child’s school. It is important for this school to help parents have a positive feeling about the school and its programs so that we will be able to maintain a positive relationship with these valuable stakeholders and therefore earn their loyalty. Assess Loyalty Most often this school assesses stakeholder loyalty in a very informal manner. Most often casual conversations are used to assess how stakeholders feel about the school and its offerings. Some times during the year a parent survey will be sent out to grasp the feelings of the parents. The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is another way the principal stays up to date with how parents are feeling about what the school is doing. It is a constant desire of this school to keep stakeholders engaged and loyal to the school in order to keep students for more years and help them be more prepared to enter secondary education. With this school being small, Mrs. Williams, principal of Theresa Bunker, has a better opportunity to truly get to know all the parents and develop a relationship of trust with each one in order to be assured that they will be loyal to the school. Additionally, the teachers are important stakeholders whose loyalty to the school can be critical in keeping consistency in the students’ lives and thereby
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