Student Athletes For The University Of Ohio

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Secondly, for student athletes who practice a sport and attend classes, it is often difficult to complete both tasks. Many students begin to show less motivation making it harder to stay focus and attend their required classes. This is the case of student- athlete Cardale Jones, a quarterback for the University of Ohio. After taking his sociology final exam, he commented that coming to class was pointless when his only responsibility was to play football for the university (Tracy 1). Student athletes start to show poor academic achievement when they consume a lot of time in their sports and often forget about their role of being a student. For instance, when students are not able to complete their school assignments during the day they decide to study late and do not sleep the necessary hours they need in order for their bodies to function and their brains to focus. In this case, the poor achievement in students is notable because they do not perform well in school and do not have a good nutrition. They often do not have time to eat the required three meals a day that their bodies need. The poor academic achievement is often noticeable when many coaches begin to tell their athletes that they are not allowed to take classes that interfere with practice. This puts athletes in a barrier when they have to balance the two roles of responsibility of attending class and completing homework assignments and attending the games. Student athletes have a poor mental and physical body
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