Student Athletes : Is A Scholarship Enough?

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Student-Athletes: Is a Scholarship Enough?
Have you noticed that when you turn on your television during the fall on Saturday afternoon that there is a college football game on about 15 different channels? The popularity of college sports, especially football and basketball, have skyrocketed. During the last decade, college athletics have seen a tremendous increase in revenues from licensing and television revenue. For example, in 2014 CBS paid 800 million dollars for the rights to broadcast the Men’s Final Four, compared to 12 million dollars, adjusted for inflation, in 1984 (Sanderson & Siegfried, 2015). Even with these increased revenues, most universities’ athletic programs operate at a loss and are subsidized by students’ tuition payments (Sanderson & Siegfried, 2015). With the increased revenue, where is all of the money going? One reason is that universities have spent some of the money on building new facilities. In 2014, Baylor University opened its new 45,000 seat state-of-the art McLane Stadium. The price tag for the new stadium was 266 million dollars, all for a school with an undergraduate class of 13,300 students (Carlton, 2014). Another area of increased spending are the salaries of athletic directors and head coaches. University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban earns 6.9 million dollars a year and University of Kentucky head basketball coach earns 7.5 million dollars a year. Coaches’ salaries have increased 500 percent in the major
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