Student Athletes Should Be Paid

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Student athletes in college are held to a higher standard than normal students since they are juggling a lot more in their lives. Student athletes have to set aside a lot of time for practice while still maintaining good grades and a social life. Some people believe that because of this demanding schedule that student athletes should be paid. Where on the other hand many believe that they shouldn’t since they choose to be on a sports team, this is a topic that is debated upon by many. One solution could be to lower the tuition for student athletes since they are offering their talents to the school. As long as the students stay on the team they will get some money off their college tuition every year. Many believe that student…show more content…
One other pro is that it would bring financial awareness to students. An example is “The ESPN documentary Broke gave an inside view of the financial woes of many professional athletes, noting that around 60% of NBA players are broke within five years of retirement”(Patterson, 2015). Teaching students financial responsibility now will better prepare them for when they have even more money in the future. The overall truth too is that the NCCA can afford to pa student athletes. In fact it was said “To pay the players would simply require a reallocation of resources, the economists said”(Patterson, 2015). The NCAA has plenty of money to pay student athletes for their participation in college sports. Paying student athletes seems to not be much of a problem except for people who just disagree with the morals of paying athletes. On the other end of the question there are people who think student athletes should not be paid. They are called “student athletes” after all. Being paid for something that really isn’t a job doesn’t make sense to a lot of people. It also seems unfair to the students who aren’t athletes who work their butts off in school and don’t get paid for their hard work. Many don’t see sports as important and see it as just a hobby. They believe that being paid for doing something you willingly joined and something you just like to do just seems silly. One reason is because student athletes get their “pay” with scholarships for

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