Student Athletes Should Never be Tested for Drugs

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Random drug testing is starting to become more frequent in schools; especially towards student athletes. Schools have been drug testing student athletes since approximately 1995 and in 2002, the court made it a law that high school athletes must be drug tested. There are several testing methods that use hair, urine, oral fluids, and sweat. Urine testing is the most popular type of testing for drugs. The debate of drug testing student athletes is still on the rise amongst people. Supporters of drug testing student athletes believe that drug use in student athletes is becoming popular. Supporters of this think that drug testing will help get through the athletes and that this is the most effective way to do. People who oppose drug testing…show more content…
If the students do not feel like they can trust school officials, who else will they go to if they don’t want to go to their parents? There needs to be a bond a trust between students and school officials, it is very important. Drug testing student athletes can also result in false positives. Innocent students could suffer consequences and this could affect where they go in their future, tremendously. Another issue of drug testing student athletes is that it is also known to be ineffective. Drug testing will not point out students who are facing drug abuse and will not be able to help them. Studies found no difference between drug use in schools with and without testing. “A 2003 study funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse – the largest of its kind – examined 94,000 students at 900 schools in the U.S. and found no difference between levels of drug use at schools that test their students and those that do not,” (Cosner). Drug use will still be existent in high schools. Studies conclude that drug use in schools that use testing and those that don’t. In fact, students may stop using drugs easy to detect like marijuana, and start using cocaine, heroin, and drugs similar to those. Students who really enjoy getting involved in sports, but have a strong attraction to drugs, may end up using harder drugs so they won’t get caught. As discussed in the article on The New York Times webpage,
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