Student Athletes and Time Management

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Student athletes are often told to make time for studies but, at the same time, make sure to practice. What does this cause for them? Many student athletes suffer from bad grades while they do very well on the field or court. Often they believe that if they do well at their sport than the grades should not matter. They just do what they have to do to get by. However, this is not true. While many students suffer in school, some student athletes do not. What are their secrets? The best way I have found to improve student athletes grades are to show them proper time management. That is the key to a successful student athlete career. As a student athlete myself, I understand the time and effort it takes to be successful both on and off the field. If you ask my teammates, I was always doing my homework when on the bus or watching another game. I was prepared for anything that could have happen unexpectedly. One thing I was always aware of as an athlete was that anything could happen in a single moment. I have watched many people lose their dream because of one play. In an instant everything they had worked for was gone. When something like this happens, it is often extremely difficult for an athlete to maintain schoolwork. Therefore, must be self-sufficient while maintaining their everyday activities as best as they can. Student athletes are everywhere. They are in college, high school, junior high, and even elementary school. Often when you speak to a student athlete, they
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