Student Behavior Intervention Plan

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D is a 14-year-old, African-American male. He is currently enrolled in the 8th grade at Samuel Jackson Junior High School. He is a Special Education student who is classified in his Individualized Education Program as having Emotional Disturbance. D has a history of behavioral problems in school. He was referred by the guidance counselor as a candidate who would benefit from additional support services. He receives mandated group counseling through his Individualized Education Program one period a week in a group of five (1x40,5:1). This program documents his levels of performance, academic achievement, functional performance, learning characteristics, social development, physical development, management needs, measurable goals,…show more content…
Through the collection of data, the school team creates a Behavior Intervention Plan that will assist the student in learning to self-regulate their behaviors. As a result, the target behaviors are defined and identified. Behavioral Supports and Interventions that are currently used are documented along with replacement behaviors that serve the same function and strategies for teaching new behaviors. While working with the student, my role is to address the negative behaviors and to provide the student with alternative replacement skills or…show more content…
After reading his Individualized Educational Program, Functional Behavioral Assessment and Behavioral intervention Plan, I was nervous. I met D the day before our scheduled session. He seemed to be very apprehensive about meeting with me. He wanted to know why he had to see me and not his mandated counselor. His mandated counselor is pregnant and is about to be out on maternity leave. This was explained to D. The morning of our first session, had to meet him in his class. I waited at the door, and he readily accompanied me to my office. I introduced myself and explained issues of confidentiality. He seemed fine and understood what I was relaying to him. He asked me repeatedly why my name was not on his Individualized Education Program as his counselor. I explained that I was not his mandated counselor, but since his mandated counselor was about to go on maternity leave, the school assigned some students to see me for support services. I don’t think that answer was satisfactory to him. After the discussion of confidentiality, I tried to engage him in
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