Student Body At Capital Middle School

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Economically oppressed, secondary school aged, African Americans, residing in urban areas are the majorities that are in dire need of immediate Cognitive Behavior interventions within Baton Rouge (E. Stephens, personal communication, August 28, 2015). They are at risk of dropping out of school, experimenting with alcohol and substance abuse, smoking, and institutionalization due to disruptive behaviors and chronic absenteeism. My current internship, Communities In Schools (CIS) located within Capital Middle School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is an agency that implements interventions to decrease abnormally high rates of disruptive behaviors and absenteeism within participating nationwide secondary/high schools. CIS caters to the above-mentioned demographics to assist in changing the thinking and behavioral patterns of today’s youth. According to E. Stephens, LCSW, CIS’s lead supervisor stated chronic absenteeism and disruptive behavior is affecting approximately 76% of the current student body at Capital Middle School. I encourage implementing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) within my internship due to its assistance with students to re-evaluate current negative behaviors, and correct them with a positive approach (Rutledge, Petrides, 2011; Zyromski, & Joseph, 2008). CBT is psychotherapy that changes negative perceptions about one’s self and others in order to discontinue disruptive behaviors within a person (Walsh, 2013; Zyromski, & Joseph, 2008).). Disruptive
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