Student Centered Inquiry Learning For Students Essay

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Reflect on your previous learning from DCL 1 and 2 For my DCL 1 assignment, I failed to interpret what was needed to be done to improve my teaching practises. I realised the frustration of my students when they were unable to understand assignments and assessments that we took for granted that the students should know for themselves. Instead of identifying the changes needed for digital and collaborative innovations, I videoed a class and demonstrated my teaching practises that did not reflect on issues and problems faced by me or my students in their learning. I needed to shift my focus from being a traditional teacher to student-centered inquiry learning. There was a provision for me to rectify my DCL 1 assignment and do a resubmission, but I chose to reflect this in my second assignment since the weighting for assignment 1 was only 10%. DCL 2 consisted of both the problems faced by me as a teacher in terms of being a traditional teacher and lack of digital and collaborative practises. For each identified problem, I tried to have a possible solution that blended in digital and collaborative innovations. There were some grave concerns regarding the use of digital and collaborative practises. One of the major problems highlighted was a huge teacher workload, having less time to spend with students on a one to one basis. Our school is a low decile, state-integrated 100% Maori Catholic institution that mainly comprises of students from challenged background, rainbow
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