Student Centered Instruction And Teacher Centered Essay

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• What are student-centered (indirect) instruction and teacher-centered (direct) instruction? Describe each type of instruction, including the benefits and limitations of each. Also include several examples of effective student-centered instruction and effective teacher-centered instruction in your content area. Effective teachers alternate instructional strategies in consideration of the most appropriate pedagogical methods for a specific task. Instructional strategies that are used in the classroom include student-centered, indirect instruction and teacher-centered, direct instruction. Student-centered instruction, or indirect instruction, relies on two common elements: social interaction and problem solving. These strategies require students to form thought processes, share their work with their classmates, and draw conclusions about content information by comparing and contrasting their ideas. The strategy relies on the perspective that knowledge obtained through active learning and self-discovery is more useful, enduring, and communicative than rote memorization or other forms of traditional learning. Although socialization is involved in everyday life, group participatory skills are learned. Teachers need to provide their students with opportunities to develop proficient communication skills through student-centered instruction; an instructional method that improves collaboration, develops partnerships, and requires teamwork. An effective student-centered strategy
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