Student Centered Philosophy And Education

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Student-centered philosophies are less strict, less concerned with the past and “exercising the mind,” and more focused on individual student’s needs, modern relevance, and preparing students for a changing future. Students and teachers work together to determine what should be learned and how to learn it best. School is not seen as an institution that controls and directs scholars, or works to preserve and spread the essential culture. Rather, it is an institution that works with scholars to improve society or help scholars realize their individuality. Social Reconstructionism is one form of a student centered philosophy and most closely align with my beliefs about education. Social reconstructionism encourages schools, teachers, and students to focus their studies and energies on easing unescapable social injustices and, rebuild society into a new and more unbiased social orders.
I believe schools should prepare students for examining and solving the social problems that we will face outside of the classroom. Education should allow students to recognize injustices in society, and schools should promote projects to help social inequalities. Moreover, schools should promote positive group relationships by teaching about different ethnic and racial groups. Students should be taught how to be politically literate, and learn how to improve the quality of life for everyone. Teaching should mean more than simply addressing the “Great Books”, which are filled with biases and…
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