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Answer for Case 1A: Trader Joe’s
1. How does Trader Joe’s design jobs for increased job satisfaction and higher performance?
Job satisfaction has positive relationship with higher performance. The satisfied employees will produce organizational citizenship behaviors which will impact on the higher performance workforce. Trader Joe’s has designed jobs to increase job satisfaction by showing appreciation in providing more benefits to their employees than other chain grocers. Trader Joe’s provide benefits include medical, dental, and vision insurance, company paid retirement, paid vacation and 10% employee discount. Through these benefit, Trader Joe’s achieve its objective to give 100% job satisfaction to its employees. In relation with
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Trader Joe’s demonstrate planning by knowing the customer wants and needs first. Trader Joe’s found that consumers are more likely to try new things while on vacation. Trader Joe’s focusing on natural ingredients, inspiring flavors and buying direct from the producer. The main objective of Trader Joe’s is to focus on the customer needs and give the best offer to the customers. Trader Joe’s has their own strategy to make the plan run smoothly.

To accomplish goals and objectives, Trader Joe’s demonstrate organizing by creating the strategy to realize the planning process. Trader Joe’s has a good positioning which is one of the key successful in marketing strategy. It has positioned the brand name in the mind of consumer with combination of technical skills, human skills and conceptual skills. For technical skills, it has been explained in question 1 which is the employees are very good in product knowledge based on their own experience. For human skills, Trader Joe’s has inspired their employees to work well with other people. The responsible, knowledgeable, friendly and customer oriented employees become successful by nurturing their employees with a promote from within philosophy. For conceptual skills, Trader Joe’s able to analyze and solve the problem faced by them. Trader Joe’s response quickly on the issue of red list seafood and promise to settle down that issue with the right preventive and corrective action.

Trader Joe’s demonstrate leading
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