Student Cohort Research Paper

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A student’s cohort membership can affect his or her readiness for school by having to deal with the new changes they will have. If a student comes from a cohort in which Internet use was routine, they would depend on the Internet for everything like homework, social media, etc. Nowadays, students from high school already start using chromebooks to do their assignments and their textbooks are now in the digital form. Even some students from middle school and elementary use electronic devices to learn. To have new technology and changes every year or so always has its own benefits and its own drawbacks.
The benefits of having Internet as the student’s cohort is that it comes in handy, is helpful for homework, and is great to socialize with peers. Internet is the easiest
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There many variety of topics out there to talk or write about. Instead of waiting for the news to come on the television, everyone checks the forecast online now. The forecast online updates regularly and lets other know what to expect when they leave their house. People don’t just use the internet to check the weather but they also shop online. When the store does not have what they are looking for, they search it online for a better price and the online site has more option to choose from. The Internet is also used for socializing with others that does not live close by. Everyone uses the Internet to communicate and meet new people. It is also a great way to keep in touch with those who loves to travel or lives in other countries.
The drawbacks of having Internet is that it is not free, people have to pay to get wifi and internet can be dangerous. Internet is not the safiest place to save personal information. Since technology is
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