Student Comprehension Through Vocabulary : An Action Research Project

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“Vibrant Vocabulary”
Increaseing Student Comprehension through Vocabulary

An Action Research Project By:

Nicole Grummert
Crete Public Schools
Fall Semester 2015

Research Methods, EDU 603, 604
Doane College
Dr. Marilyn Johnson-Farr

Table of Contents

Permission Letter to Administration
Permission Letter to Parents/Guardians
Context of Study Purpose of Study Significance of the Study Personal Relevance Primary Questions Guiding Questions
Literature Review
Research Design/Methodology Innovation Connections Interested Audience Tradition Ethnical Principles Verification Procedures
Data Triangulation
Plan to Gather Information
Plan to Analyze

Introduction to the Study

Context My name in Nicole Grummert and I am a first grade teacher at Crete Public Schools located in Crete, Nebraska. Crete is a class B, rural town with a growing population. In 2014 the population of the town was around 7,135. Crete Elementary has a diverse population serving students from kindergarten to 4th grade. There are 839 students from preschool to 4th grade. The ethnicity data indicates that the elementary school is comprised of 59% Hispanic students and 37% White students. The remaining 2% is Asian/Black. Males make up 53% while females make up 47%. The school attendance rate is at 96.35% and free/reduced lunch is at 54%. At the end of the 2014-2015 school year there were 335 students…
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