Student Comprehension Through Vocabulary : An Action Research Project

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“Vibrant Vocabulary” Increaseing Student Comprehension through Vocabulary An Action Research Project By: Nicole Grummert Crete Public Schools Fall Semester 2015 Research Methods, EDU 603, 604 Doane College Dr. Marilyn Johnson-Farr Table of Contents Permission Letter to Administration Permission Letter to Parents/Guardians Introduction Context of Study Purpose of Study Significance of the Study Personal Relevance Primary Questions Guiding Questions Literature Review Research Design/Methodology Innovation Connections Interested Audience Tradition Ethnical Principles Verification Procedures Data Triangulation Plan to Gather Information Plan to Analyze Timeline References Readings Appendixes Introduction to the Study Context My name in Nicole Grummert and I am a first grade teacher at Crete Public Schools located in Crete, Nebraska. Crete is a class B, rural town with a growing population. In 2014 the population of the town was around 7,135. Crete Elementary has a diverse population serving students from kindergarten to 4th grade. There are 839 students from preschool to 4th grade. The ethnicity data indicates that the elementary school is comprised of 59% Hispanic students and 37% White students. The remaining 2% is Asian/Black. Males make up 53% while females make up 47%. The school attendance rate is at 96.35% and free/reduced lunch is at 54%. At the end of the 2014-2015 school year there were 335 students
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