Student Debt And Its Effect On College Education

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Two-thirds of students graduating from universities in America are graduating with some level of debt. This debt has reached a whopping $1.2 trillion. And 40 million is now the number of people who make up this monumental student debt. As a former student in community college I understand completely the financial burdens that might come along with education. So I can only imagine how expensive it gets for students in four-year institutions. In your line of work I’m absolutely sure you can relate to these burdens. With the growing emphasis on college education, it would be reasonable to have low cost or free education the way other countries do. But all we have is raising costs and debt accumulation, which has become an urgent issue and if it isn’t addressed soon, it can be detrimental for students, parents, our economy and even you, the educators.

With college tuition continuing to increase as well as the emphasis on college education, financial assistance is only decreasing and this is causing Americans to struggle more and more. Instead of actually pursuing a career, students have become stuck in trying to figure out ways to pay off their debt. Judy Lazo, a mother of a troubled student shares, “My daughter graduated Magna Cum Laude. She is one year out of college, and she has yet to find a teaching job. Congress needs to know that raising interest rates is not going to help anyone. It is time to do something about college loans.” Students are getting
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