Student Debt Is A Large ( And Growing ) Problem

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Student debt has become a large (and growing) problem. The high levels of student debt have served to perpetuate economic inequality, minimizing the opportunity of higher education. In a speech this year, President Obama called higher education "one of the crown jewels of this country" and said it was "the single most important way to get ahead.” The long term impact of student loans have given students every reason not to want to attend college, including myself. That alone has the potential to harm colleges and universities across the country. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said student debt is one reason that people between the ages of twenty and thirty seem to be living a prolonged adolescence, or living with their parents.…show more content…
Marco Rubio has committed to tackling college affordability. He is supportive of repayment plans based on percentage of income between students and private investment firms. As president, Rubio will simplify existing incentives to help students pursue higher education and modernize the system to fit twenty-first century economy. “Our current higher education system is outdated and fundamentally broken. It is too expensive, too time consuming, and too difficult to access,” Marco said. “To make the 21st century an American century, we must bring higher education within reach of all.” Another candidate with a strong record of advocacy for college affordability is Bernie Sanders, my personal favorite. Bernie has called for tuition-free courses for freshman and sophomores at public universities. He recently developed a plan to provide $18 billion per year in federal grants. “We must fundamentally restructure our student loan program,” Bernie stated. Sanders’ main concern is with how the American government will be able to afford increased funding for higher education. “We need a revolution in the way higher education is funded,” Senator Sanders said recently during a speech. When asked about his solution to the student loan crisis in an interview, Ben Carson reiterated his belief in the importance of work by saying, “Many people get

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