Essay Student Diversity and Classroom Management

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Running head: Student Diversity and Classroom Management

Student Diversity and Classroom Management Maintaining order in the classroom is the number one challenge that new teachers face. In the past few years due to children maturing faster and many coming from broken homes this problem has intensified. Students seem to be more defiant and teachers are more intimidated and unprepared to deal with the issues in the classroom. This usually results in poor classroom management. With the implementation of an effective plan the teacher can make modifications to the classroom to ensure the students are under control and the environment is set for students to excel. There are several strategies that have captured my attention for
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Elementary school aged children need a more structured environment with plenty of guidance. The third method is Morrish’s Real Discipline Model. “Morrish contends that today’s popular discipline systems are inefficient because they expect student to make decisions they are not yet ready to make, resulting in an overabundance of negotiating and haggling between teachers and students” (Charles, 2008). This model supports guidance for students and teaches the students right from wrong. Morrish believes that discipline is used as a deterrent for misbehavior. In other words, discipline is used to prevent misbehavior not something that is done when a student misbehaves. I do believe that this method could work for all ages. However, with the younger students it could be most effective. During their beginning years, students need more guidance and rely on the teacher to make decisions that are in their best interest. They also rely on the teacher to instruct them on how to act and behave. For example, if a Kindergartner were standing in their chair and yelling in class the teacher would need to intervene and correct that student. A high school student can already determine that this type of behavior would be considered inappropriate and would be less likely to engage in such. The fourth model for classroom management is Wong’s Pragmatic Classroom. Harry Wong believes that discipline
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