Student Engagemen Thesis

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Research Statement
For many living in the brute and unforgiving winters of America’s Last Frontier, which can reach upwards -60 degrees, is out of the question. However, for some Alaska is simply home. With a little over 740,000 people, Alaska is coined the largest state by mass, ironically it is also the smallest in relation to population. According to the 2016 United States Census Bureau report, only 15.2% of people identity as American Indian and Alaska Native. Initially, that number may not seem like much, but in retrospect, Alaska holds the largest percentage of self-identified Native Americans. This means that even in the most concentrated area for this demographic, they remain a minority.
In 2009, a study conducted by regarding student dropout rates assessed, “A quarter-century of research identifies student
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For the students who make it to college despite the disadvantages against them, are we setting them up for success or failure? This research will also explore what student expectations are for the university and if those expectations are being met. Increased accountability among colleges and universities is vital.
Most research found regarding Alaska Natives contributes quantitative facts and figures ranging from dropout rates, and lack of education funding. Although good information for future generations of students there seems to be a lack of ways to be proactive for students in the moment. Many researchers cite statistics and quotes of Native student achievement from articles completed in the late 1980’s and 1990’s. How can colleges and universities remain sensitive to the historical context of this population, and adhere to the specific needs of their students. There is ample research on getting minority students to college; once there, are universities providing the tools needed to
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