Student Engagement And Learning Environment

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The use of technology tools is one of the key components to preparing learners for the 21st century. However, with the overwhelming abundance of technology tools and resources, educators are faced with the challenge of selecting and implementing the most effective tools that lead to the highest level of student learning. Although reading and writing text has been the focus of learning for thousands of years (Myers, 1996), developments and changes in technology have made a vast impact on recent literacy instruction and learning. Integrating technology into classrooms prepares students to be successful learners in a dynamic world (November, 1998). During the last half of the 20th century, technological innovations were introduced that…show more content…
Research shows that students are able to manage, store, and share their work in unique ways that creates an increase in confidence and empowerment for independent learning (Toy, 2008). Students have opportunities for inquiry, exploration, discovery, and evaluation while utilizing technology tools and resources. Successful technology integration should be driven by the specific content and skills of the adopted curriculum, guided by standards of best practice. Digital Learning World (2011) reports the following:
The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has developed National Education Technology Standards (NETS) which are a set of benchmarks that help to measure competence for the integration of technology in education. Originally conceived in 1998, NETS have now become the internationally recognized standards for technology in education across all international curricula. NETS are not subject content specific but address the skills students need for the digital literacy required for success in the 21st century standards. (p. 1)
The NETS provide a guideline of standards for the best practices supporting the development of technology literacy for students, teachers and educational leaders. Technology integration in the elementary school classroom is imperative for 21st century learners. Students are accustomed to quick access to
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