Student Engagement Essay

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Engagement, interaction, and communication are the things that connect people together in society. Also, it are ways that help children learn. In the U.S., schools are promoting engagement in teaching for helping students to improve. There are many methods that the teachers are using to create a strong engagement relationship between teachers and students. U.S. teachers are engaging today's students in many ways to help them improve their education, social skill, and prepare them for society. One of the most popular methods that teacher use to engage students in teaching is the social network. Today, teachers use the social network to provide lessons in class and outside of class, with the idea of getting the students' attention when participation…show more content…
students are composed of many diverse groups of people together, which is a problem for teachers when providing lessons. However, engagement is best method or way for people to acquire knowledge. In schools, engagement is an important way that students acquire their education. When students and teachers are highly engaged in school, teachers are able to help students improve their learning. In the article "Student Engagement", the author pointed out that highly engagement between teachers and students help to reduce dropout rates and increased levels of student success. Also, the author believes it motivates the students keeping them interested in school and their education. (Sadker, M) The action of engagement it benefits both students and teachers. From the schools, teachers and educators point of view, it is important for teachers to engage students in the learning process, because it helps teachers to know and make sure the students are learning. In the "Teachers Engagement" article, the author explain the idea of teachers engage students in learning help students motivated and interested in school. Also, in the article, the author pointed out that most students are do not know purpose why they are in school, and teachers by engaging the students in school help students realize the purpose of education. (Kennedy, C) With those reasons, it shows that engagement it important for students and teachers in
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