Student Engagement Is An Ideal That Should Be Strived For The Classroom Environment

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Student engagement in learning is an ideal that should be strived for, by teachers in the classroom, as it provides reassurance of their effectiveness. A student’s engagement in learning can directly be linked to their motivational levels as motivation express the students desire to learn and progress in their educational studies. One might struggle to understand the best choice of strategies or concepts in order to facilitate engagement of learning in the classroom environment. Great diversity exists within the various aspects of student learning, so a teacher shouldn’t be limited to understanding one theory or practice. They must have a broad range of these aspects as students can react to each one differently. What should be understood…show more content…
In the classroom, it is common theme for teachers to “identify and understand a student’s struggle to learn” (Gaier pg. 8) As stated in the introduction, the teacher is the prime motivating figure in the classroom. If a student lacks the motivation to learn then we should ask why is this happening and look to correct it. Gaier also explains that attribution theory can be boiled down to “what is causing the struggle to learn; why is this happening? (pg. 8) We can interpret the what and why as the cause or motivation that led to an action or behavior. The importance of attribution theory is that it allows us as teachers to have future understanding and interactions of behaviors that take place in the classroom. Attributions exist as a means to “identify and understand behavior” which allows them to “influence future behavior and decision making” (Gaier pg.9) So its mandatory for a teacher to correctly and accurately identify attributions in the classroom as incorrect attributions can cause a disconnect between the teacher and the student. If a teacher sees a student sleeping in their class, then they can make bias assumptions if not all information is logically perceived. What I mean by this, is that the first thing that might come to mind is that the student might have gone to bed late, dislike the subject, value sleep over it, or be mentally exhausted. These observations, however, are just being made by the teacher, without input of the

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