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My Personal Life

General Idea about life: People throughout the world have different lifestyles. Living standard is so dramatically different from country to country. It means that the way of living is not really similar in comparison. Some people are living in a very poor situation while other people are living in a good situation or in a privileged family.

About Author:

To begin with, I would like to brief my personal biography. Sophyra Sokhan, my official name, was given by my parents. My full name combines with both my father’s surname and my mother’s given name. I was born on May 11, 1994. I grew up in Phnom Penh City, which is
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It means that the priority of getting education and health care are much better than life in the countryside.

Life in Primary School

In Cambodia, mostly children have to start their life at school at the age of six years old; whereas, I started to be educated at the age of seven years old, in one of the public school in Cambodia. What I remember about that time is that I was so terrified to be sitting in the class. I was crying and wanted desperately going back to my house, but my parents tried to persuade me in order to stop crying and making noise in front of other classmates who sat silently and looked at me. It was so embarrassing to tell some of my stories when I was a child.

In Cambodia, the primary school covers from the first grade until sixth grade. At first, I felt upset and didn’t want to study at school because I thought it was so boring. But then I felt relieved, and I did an amazing job at school. Every day, I had to stay in a school and study for approximately six hours, but I had half-hour recesses between 2 hours. My parents always rewarded me whenever I got a good grade. Normally, a grade usually releases once a month which is at the end of the month. The rewards included toys, electronic games, and sometimes brought me out for eating a very delicious meal.

During my life at the primary school, I learnt a lot of things such as
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