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SNHU | 6-2 Short Paper | Warehouse Performance Measurement | | Darren Schnedler | 10/11/2014 | Read this article that discusses how to measure the performance of a warehouse in terms of storage space, cost, etc., and then answer each of the following questions in 6-10 sentences. Provide a critical assessment based on the above article, text readings, scholarly research, and personal experience. Cite your resources using APA format. | How can a warehouse add value to the goods in storage? Warehouses are used to speed up the time it takes to move products out of storage and in return increase profit. There are many methods to increase the value of goods in storage, and when put together, the value increases further.…show more content…
Warehouse activities have essential elements that run them and how management highlights them as indicators is by comparing the process value with normal, standard values. (Liviu lliea, 2009) The indicators are the key to performance improvement, and there are various ways this is done internationally. * Colson and Dorigo, (Liviu lliea, 2009) offer an example of a software tool that is built to measure warehouse activities. The criteria measured includes: storage surface and volume, dangerous items, temperature control, storage area separation, distance to transportation locations, certifications, hours of operation, customs assistance, technology integration, equipment handling, and dock activities. * Krauth, (Liviu lliea, 2009) uses around 130 indicators to assess warehouse performance. Some of these indicators include storage surface and volume, storage racks, dock activities, hours of operation, customs assistance, pallets per hour, and pallets per square meter. * John Hill, (Liviu lliea, 2009) uses just three indicators to assess warehouse performance. The three criteria are fulfilment of orders, inventory management, and warehouse performance. What are the challenges in calculating warehouse performance indicators? Warehouses use performance indicators to measure the performance of their operations. Traditionally, warehouses have used a single factor performance based method to measure operations. The single factor methods are
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