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Students and Plagiarism Plagiarism in the education system has risen over the last few years and has become an issue with the instructors due to the many ways students can access information to plagiarize and it has become an issue for students who lack the knowledge of what plagiarism really is. Plagiarism is using someone else’s work such as essays and reports and using them as your own. It also means taking words or sentences from books, newspapers, journals, reports, the internet and essays and passing them off as your own work. Some definitions go as far as saying that plagiarism is stealing or theft of words from someone else and taking credit for the work. The following are considered acts…show more content…
Cases of plagiarism have risen over the last several years, mostly due to easier access to computers and the internet. Students sometimes do not realize that when using information from the internet that it also needs to be cited. Also due to the many different or confusing rules for citing information, students sometimes may feel overwhelmed and they do not end up citing the information due to lack of knowledge. The education system needs to be more aggressive towards making students aware of what plagiarism is and is not. They also need to give more information to the students regarding how to properly cite information. Students and teachers need to work closer together regarding the possible ways that can be considered plagiarism and the proper way to cite information to avoid being accused of plagiarism. Brizee, Allen and Stolley, Karl. “Weclome to the Purdue Owl.” English Purdue. 25 February, 2011.>. The Writing Center. “Plagiarism.”>. “Types of Plagiarism.” Learning Center. 18 February, 2011. <>. Bramer, S. E. Van. “What is Plagiarism.” Widner University. 1995. 18 February, 2011.>. Auer, Nicole J. and Krupar, Ellen M. “Mouse Click Plagiarism.” Find articles. 25 February, 2011.
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