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 Name: Corrina Marcus Date: 7/27/13 Student Exploration: Water Pollution Vocabulary: bacterial pollution, nutrient pollution, sediment pollution, toxic pollution, water pollution Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo.) 1. Water pollution is the addition of harmful substances to water. Some of these substances are found at home. What household chemicals might be harmful if not disposed of properly? Clorox, batteries, and cleaning supplies 2. What are some other causes of water pollution? Oil spills and gases in the water Gizmo Warm-up The Water Pollution Gizmo™ will teach you about some of the main kinds of water pollution. On the TYPE tab, under Types of pollution, check…show more content…
Activity A: Types of water pollution Get the Gizmo ready: · Check that the TYPE tab and Toxic pollution are selected.  Activity B: Real-world examples Get the Gizmo ready: · Select the EXAMPLE tab. · Check that example 1/12 is selected. (If not, use the arrow buttons to get to example 1/12.)  Example Pollution type(s) Explanation 1 Nutrient and Bacterial Manure contains bacteria and is very high in nitrogen. The excess nitrogen can also cause nutrient-related problems in the area. 2 Toxic and Nutrient The excess mileage leads to additional pollution. The exhaust also contains nitrogen oxide, which can lead to nutrient-related problems in the environment. 3 Toxic Excess pesticides can end up in the water supply due to runoff water or seepage through the soil. 4 Sediment The environment will cause a lot of erosion when a large region remains bare for such a long time. 5 Toxic Oil and antifreeze are toxic to the environment, and can easily find their way into the water supply when not properly disposed of. 6 Sediment The roots of the trees and shrubs around a lake to help hold the soil in place during heavy rain or when the waves hit the shore. 7 Toxic Toxic and chemical-based products should always be disposed of in a special fashion. 8 Nutrient and Bacterial This sewage will contain bacteria and excess nitrogen, leading to bacterial and
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