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The Hatfields and McCoys-a comparison to Romeo and Juliet

“To be or not to be?” I for one say not to be. Both Juliet and Rosanna McCoy rushed into love. I mean really, how can you fall totally in love with somebody you do not know at all? For Juliet she had said “my ears have not yet drunk a hundred words of thy tongues uttering, yet I know the sound.” (ACT II) Juliet was saying she has not heard Romeo speak 100 words yet she is totally in love with him. With Rosanna McCoy she did not say the same thing as Juliet but she fell in love with a man she knew nothing of except that her family hated his and vice versa. Sometimes the thing you should not have is an attraction in itself. I think for both Juliet and Rosanna that is exactly
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While people today are romantic about the Romeo and Juliet love affair and the Rosanna McCoy and Johnse Hatfield love, I certainly don’t. Young people who barely know each other fall in love with people their own families are feuding with. They never once just stepped back and took a good look at what they really had. Puppy love. They were attracted to something they should not have which made it more exciting for them. Both of these ladies with all they had in common and even the things they did not have in common with each other. They should have really thought out all the good and the bad things that could happen with these love affairs. If they did they just may have had a much better outcome than the ones they did. Juliet was dead at the age of 14 and Rosanna McCoy dead at the age of 30 from a broken heart most said. So learn from these 2 ladies and do not make the same crazy mistakes they did. Remember being 14 and falling in love with a boy or girl and that you only hear him/her talk less than 100 words is probably a sign to slow down and nor rush into
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