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YORK UNIVERSITY STOCK­TRAK REPORT ADMS 3531 N W2012 Eugene Myslinsky 208083420 3/27/2012 Stock-Track Report Eugene Myslinsky - 208083420 For the past three months we have been participating in a Stock-Trak Simulation exercise to experience what it takes to trade in the stock market. In this report, we will explain which strategies I chose to follow, which investments were the most and least successful to my portfolio and lastly, what advice we would give those who are looking to trade with real money. Investment Strategy and Selection The strategy I employed for our Stock-Trak simulation was to diversify our portfolio among different sectors, various stocks with relatively low risk, and stocks which were positively/negatively…show more content…
The opposite happened and I lost $3000 only to watch it drop significantly at a later date. Page 3 of 6 Stock-Track Report Eugene Myslinsky - 208083420 Advice to people trading with real money & lessons learned 1. Performing fundamental and technical analysis is necessary. You must explore different channels where information relevant to the stocks in your portfolio exist, however, be vigilant of the sources you choose to follow when making decisions pertaining to your portfolio; make sure they are credible among the financial community. Also, news associated to publically traded stocks can be released before the market open and if you do not consistently analyze new information your portfolio has the potential to incur a significant loss in a short period of time. 2. Beta, which is a measure of systemic risk, is a good indicator of how volatile a stock is relative to the market and it is a significant measurement to focus on when trading because the higher the beta, the greater the risk you gain in your portfolio. It is also important to make sure you allocate a lot of your money into commodities; their betas are usually low which is a good thing, especially if you are a risk-adverse investor. Conversely, higher beta stocks may be more volatile but they have the potential to generate higher returns then stocks with lower betas. 3. Make sure you invest all of your available cash/income because a dollar today is
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