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In one-to-one communication you start with a greeting or warm-up. You can also exchange information by having a conversation. At the end of your conversation you say your farewells or wind down. When you have a conversation with someone you do not really know well you should always make a positive impact and atmosphere. The other person needs to feel relaxed and also comfortable to talk and listen towards you as it will show friendly and kindness taking turns makes this more effective. As soon as you want to finish make sure you make them feel valued by making eye contact and good expressions. (Smiling and waving)
Group Communication
This contains the same issues as one to one communication; it only works well if people
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They need to check that they understand the issues with people who are communicating with them.

Multi-agency working

This is when an individual requires help from different organisations for example nurses, general practitioners,
Occupational therapists etc.
Professionals often have to communicate with people from different organisations as they will have different care disciplines. It is important to make sure people from different agencies understand your terminology. Using formal communication will make it easier and help them to respect you and avoid misunderstandings. This usually revolves around care professions talking formal by planning detailed goals so that they are clear about their own responsibilities and don’t have any problems when communicating. You shouldn’t assume that the other agency can understand the same terminology that you use.

Multi-professional working

Professionals from different backgrounds often have to work together to meet the needs of people who use the services. They need to be able to communicate effectively with colleagues, the communication is usually formal and well planned, this is because you don’t want to come across any barriers to understanding, but when team members know each other well they might use informal language sometimes this doesn’t happen in multi-agency as this requires communicating formally. A multi-professional team can
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