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21st Century Street Art & Ancient Egyptian Art. Fig. 5, C215 Logo, Street Files, 2009 Fig. 5, C215 Logo, Street Files, 2009 Introduction…. Art is one of many ways of communication. Art is used to express feelings or to deliver a message to a viewer. It is also used to leave a record of things that happened during the time the artwork was created. Ancient artwork usually talks about religious practices, spiritual beliefs or even their dependence on nature for survival whereas 21st century street artwork are usually personal opinions on something such as politics, action done by someone or new law. It also contains the artist’s feeling of the time the artwork was created. Every street artists of the 21st century has different…show more content…
Medium and Technique…. Most of the common ancient Egyptian artworks were painted with paints made of mixed pigments with gum, which were the basic colours. Before papyrus leaves were used as papers, the paintings were often done on walls, which were sometimes carved in. These kinds of techniques were used in ancient Egyptian times because the actual paints and paintbrushes weren’t properly developed. Today, many kinds of tools and styles can be used. For example, C215 usually used stencils to paint on street walls. He makes a background on the wall either free hand or painted using stencils, and then puts his main character in the background. He either uses spray paints or paints and paintbrushes, but mostly, spray paints. It shows his personal style and it helps him to paint precise parts of painting such as facial expressions. Personal Response…. I think that every kind of art has one thing common in them; the artist’s feeling and expression of the time he/she created the artwork. If there is a slight difference between ancient Egyptian art and the 21st century street art, I have go to say that the artworks from ancient Egypt do not have sense of depth and they were all dull whereas 21st century street art has wide range of colours being used and vibrant. Most people will find street art more attractive than ancient Egyptian art as street art has different styles and they are very vibrant.
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