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Chapter 1: Practicing the Science and Art of Psychiatric Nursing Test Bank MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which outcome, focused on recovery, would be expected in the plan of care for a patient living in the community with serious and persistent mental illness? Within 3 months, the patient will: a. deny suicidal ideation. b. report a sense of well-being. c. take medications as prescribed. d. attend clinic appointments on time. ANS: B Recovery emphasizes managing symptoms, reducing psychosocial disability, and improving role performance. The goal of recovery is to empower the individual with mental illness to achieve a sense of meaning and satisfaction in life and to function at the highest possible level of wellness. The…show more content…
Address ends in “.gov.” d. Address ends in “.net.” ANS: B Financial influences on a site are a clue that the information may be biased. “.com” at the end of the address indicates that the site is a commercial one. “.gov” indicates that the site is maintained by a government entity. “.org” indicates that the site is nonproprietary; the site may or may not have reliable information, but it does not profit from its activities. “.net” can have multiple meanings. DIF: Cognitive Level: Comprehension REF: Page: 5 TOP: Nursing Process: Evaluation MSC: NCLEX: Health Promotion and Maintenance 6. A nurse says, “When I was in school I learned to call upset patients by name to get their attention, but I read a descriptive research study that says that this approach doesn’t work. I’m going stop calling patients by name.” Which statement is the best appraisal of this nurse’s comment? a. One descriptive research study rarely provides enough evidence to change practice. b. Staff nurses apply new research findings only with the help from clinical nurse specialists. c. New research findings should be incorporated into clinical algorithms before using them in practice. d. The nurse misinterpreted the results of the study. Classic tenets of practice do not change. ANS: A Descriptive research findings provide evidence for practice but must be viewed in relation to other studies before practice changes. One study is not enough. Descriptive studies are low on
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