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Fair Compensation Research Team A Patricia Hailey, Cynthia Whitelow, Jim Loncar RES/351 March 22, 2014 Darron Williams Introduction and Problem Statement ABC Company is currently involved in litigation involving a current female employee’s complaint that the company unfairly administers its wage and salary policies between male and female employees performing the same job. The goal of the research is to determine if ABC Company policies are current, ethical, fair, legal, and administered properly throughout the organization. Our hypothesis is that the wage and salary policies of ABC Company are administered ethically and legally across all units of the company. Is there pay equity and discrimination among women and men in the…show more content…
Many types of companies conduct a salary study, for example, industry, educational institutions, and federal and state governments. More than 80 percent of human resources professionals and business managers participate in or purchase at least one study a year. (Business Salary 2014, Compensation surveys and fair pay). Conducting a salary survey can be time consuming, and could take up to 7 months or more after all the data, and questionnaires have been collected. (Business Salary 2014, Compensation surveys and fair pay). The collection of the data for ABC Company will involve various instruments. The first will be existing wage and salary surveys that may be available to the research team. These could include government surveys or business surveys. However, since ABC Company's wage and salary policies and the administration of these policies are under scrutiny due to the pending lawsuit; various other data collection instruments will be used to present data to ABC Company's management. The research team will use a prepared study with a cross-section of the company's employee population. The employees involved in the survey will be asked the same questions. This will be a rated scale survey. Another instrument that will be effective is a study of human resource professionals of area organizations is interviews. These interviews will be
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