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John Moura Chapter 1 – Introduction to the Management of Information Security Review Questions 1. A globally interconnected commercial world has emerged from the technical advances that created the Internet. Has its creation increased or decreased the need for organizations to maintain secure operation of their systems? Why? Answer: As Internet use continues to rise, the amount of “malicious entities” is also rising. As “malicious entities” grow and become more numerous, the probability that an organization could receive a threat increases. 2. Which trend in IT has eliminated the “we have technology people to handle technology problems” approach as method for securing systems? Answer: NSTISSC Security Model…show more content…
7. What is the C.I.A. triangle? Define each of its component parts. Answer: CIA triangle is an industry standard for computer security since the development of the mainframe. It is composed of CONFIDENTIALITY, ensures that only those with sufficient privileges may access certain information, INTEGRITY, the quality or state of being whole, complete, and uncorrupted, and AVAILABILITY, making information accessible to user access without interference or obstruction in the required format . 8. Why is the C.I.A. triangle significant? Is it widely referenced? Answer: It is founded on the three most essential characteristics of information security, when first put forth. Yes, it is widely referenced and now covers more dimensions of information security. Describe the CNSS security model. What are its three dimensions? Answer: The concept of this model is that, in developing information security systems, organizations must consider all points of possible failure and all the different factors that impact them. Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability; Policy, Education, Technology; Storage, Processing, Transmission. What is the definition of privacy as it relates to information security? How is this definition of privacy
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