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Case Study Publisher: Kellogg School of Management Company: Align Technology. Inc Product: Invisalign (Orthodontics Unwired) Question No 1 Diagram Invisalign’s channel structure? Answer Invisalign’s channel structure The channel structure consists of two types of flows which are promotional flow and ordering / payment flow. The further details are given below: A) Invisalign Promotional Flow Media Call Centers Sales Force Dentists Customers Orthodontists B) Ordering / Physical Flow Invisalign (Santa Clara) Orthodontists Customers Software Development Pakistan Customers Invisalign (Santa Clara) Orthodontists Orthodontists Manufacturing (Maxico) Invisalign (Santa Clara) Question No 2 What…show more content…
May be the gap exists because of deficiency in customer mental satisfaction level or due to the lack of awareness and trust on Align systems. * Capturing the Potential market Indeed, only a relatively small proportion of this potential population seeks treatment because of the drawbacks associated with conventional treatment, but Invisalign’s process overcomes many of these shortcomings. This gap might be attributed to the orthodontists and the media advertisement, which is focused on raising awareness, and describes advantages over the conventional method (instead of brand benefits). Supply-Side Gaps * Delivery Incentives A possible gap in the delivery of the offering may shoot from the underlying economic incentive for orthodontists. So short of the orthodontists possessing very high brand loyalty or customers specifically requesting the Invisalign treatment, the promotion to customers breaks down here. In addition, the ClinCheck simulation takes 3-4 weeks to complete. They may find a way to give incentive to Pakistan to turn around the simulations faster to cut down on production time. * Production Process Time Invisalign has essentially inserted itself right in the middle of the traditional treatment process. Also, the procedure is entirely customized to each patient. These two facts combined create a longer supply chain that is subject to slow down the production. The Invisalign process includes three centers.
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