Student Feedback Impact Plans For Professional Development

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A. Data that Informs Professional Development 1) In what ways are teacher feedback and teacher needs taken into account when developing Professional Development? Teacher feedback and needs are taken into consideration as ways to determine how they can grow in knowledge and gain professional development for themselves. These are important bases to see where they can improve themselves or what kinds of training they need to satisfy their deficiencies or lack of knowledge and training. 2) In what ways do parent and student feedback impact plans for Professional Development? Parents are also teachers of their children. If honest feedback is given to parents, they too can become active mentors and sources of knowledge and training for their children 's professional development. Professional development starts from home with parents who also try their best to give what are best for their children and among them is being parents who teach moral values to their children to become better and responsive individuals. B. Learning and Professional Development Theories 1) In their opinion what does personalized learning look like in the classroom? I will also follow up by asking if any individual teachers exemplify that. Personalized learning in the classroom is one way of showing to students how learning could be interesting by integrating what they need to learn and address that need by relating the necessity of the society. A teacher who is a professional can exemplify this opinion by
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