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Student Funds of Knowledge Case Study
Trevaun is an active African American boy. He is in 2nd grade and attends Williams Elementary School. He does not have a least favorite subject, but his favorite subject is math. He enjoys Physical Education too, for he gets to play basketball, which is his favorite sport. He loves to roller skate and play video games as well, which is why his favorite time of the day is nighttime. Trevaun’s mom allows him to play video games as late as he wants as long as he completed his homework first, and gets up on time for school the next morning. Therefore, he does not have a bedtime.
Trevaun likes Halloween time, for he likes things that are scary. He finds scary scenes in books interesting, yet humorous, and his favorite movies are scary movies. However, his favorite holiday is Christmas, for he gets to visit his grandma and see his oldest brother. He enjoys eating all the delicious foods that his mom and grandma cooked during the holiday as well. His favorite food is chicken. Whenever he receives his report card, his mom would take him to Steven’s John and they would celebrate his good grades. After eating, he gets to play in the restaurant’s game room. Besides looking forward to receiving his report cards, Trevaun also look forward to summer. He gets to visit the beach with his family and play beach volleyball with his brothers.
There are four people in Trevaun’s home; including himself. The other three people are his mom and two older
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