Student Gamers Association Official Constitution With 2015 Amendments

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Student Gamers Association Official Constitution with 2015 Amendments Any and all persons guilty of disruptive behavior (I.e excessive yelling, fighting, etc.) during a meeting will be warned. If they continue such behavior they will be asked to leave the room. *No offending in any sensory fashion. (ex. no innuendo-laden comments or sexually charged humor, no vulgar imagery [includes clothing, personalized decorations on personal equipment/notebooks/binders].) *Refrain from offensive language. Please. *If anyone breaks these rules all officers present will meet and if they meet a consensus eject said person(s). -They may return to the club at a later date (ex: if one is kicked out on Monday they may return on Wednesday). -Serious, repeat offenders may be reported to Student Life. Any and all posts made on the SGA page must be on topic (I.e. relating to games). Any off-topic comments will be deleted. No excessive profanity or inappropriate conduct on the page. -Any and all such comments will be deleted. -Repeat offenders will be warned, and may be temporally banned from the page if they continue such behavior. They may be allowed back in if they can prove that they have changed their behavior. If they continue their inappropriate behavior, they may be perma-banned from the page. All members must sign up for organization. *Projectors may be used only at officer discretion. ELECTIONS: Board Members are voted in for one year terms. After the year is

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