Student I Choose For My Mini Action Research Essay

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The Student I choose for my mini action research has constant difficulties staying on task, during daily activities, and instruction. I noticed in the first week of observation, that my mentor teacher had to remind him to complete his daily work, instead of drawing in his notebooks. My mentor teacher stated, that she has tried several times to contact his parents regarding this matter, but has yet to receive a phone call back. I also was informed that he repeated the first grade, due to low test scores, and assessments given throughout the year. On a side note, the student is required to wear classes, yet he did not wear his glasses until the first two weeks of my implemented solution. When I asked the student if he just got glasses he stated “no I supposed to wear them, but I lost my other pair a couple of months ago.” This may have influenced his ability to stay on task during his assignments, if the visual impairment is great enough to impact his ability to read and write.

How can we provide a way for teachers to monitor and assess students, who display an incapability to stay on task, while also allowing the student ways to self-regulate their behavior during class instruction and activities?

Implemented solution
We provided the student with a daily time on task behavior report card, which was filled out by my mentor teacher, and I. The card states the goal of staying on task, feedback, and is mapped out with the daily schedule. We also provided a reminder
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