Student Information System Is A Application For Educational Establishments

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Student information system is a software application for educational establishments that help manage student data. Colleges and universities all strive to make sure that their students will gain experience and knowledge and have the skills that will enable them to fulfill their professional aspirations. The organization that I have selected is the institute that I work for, Central Texas College. Central Texas College is just one of the many institutions all around the globe that have partnered with Datatel in regards to trying to establish student success. There are different student information systems that you could pick from as in PeopleSoft, SciQuest, or Ascential Software. However, I am going to discuss how Datatel has been a great…show more content…
Ellucian is used daily by Central Texas College to keep the college’s records current, whether those are curriculum based, academic, or financial purposes. Ellucian allows the user to provide an alluring and comfortable environment for their higher education community and additionally meets others needs the user might find beneficial. By becoming a subscriber to Ellucian, colleges are given the freedom to access and update information about returning or prospective clients, employees, and long term record keeping.
Ellucian is the world’s leading provider of software for higher education facilities. It focuses its help on the education community to be able to bring students, faculty, and staff closer together and help them to achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively with reduced amount of risks. One educational facility that has benefited from partnering with Ellucian is Ursinus College. Ursinus College wants to enhance the student experience. Around September 26, 2014, Gene Spencer, the Chief Officer at Ursinus College stated that they found a system that will be the main keystone for their information architecture, that will help provide intellegence to the success of their entire academic enterprise [1]. Colleague has easy to use interfaces and it can be accessed from any device. By pairing up with Ellucian, Ursinus’s students can receive real time access to financial and academic information.
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