Student Learner Project Paper

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Introduction The Student Learner Project helped me, and others, understand the problems of the field I was volunteering in. I observed and evaluated students, in an elementary school, in their P.E. class to gain knowledge on obesity and diabetes. It showed me where we need to improve within ourselves and the community to battle these diseases. Doing this project also helped undergraduates connect with their community and gain experience in the field they are volunteering in. Purpose The purpose of me volunteering was to share my knowledge, better the community, and to help the school that is giving me this opportunity. I assisted Coach Reyes, my supervisor, at the Seco Mines Elementary School, in Eagle Pass, Texas, by teaching students the…show more content…
This project helped me gain knowledge, I helped out the community, and I can learned new things about myself and others. People can learn what their strengths and weakness are in the field they are volunteering in and can develop the skills they need to better themselves. Volunteering not only is good for the community but, it’s also good for the person volunteering. When I volunteered at the Feast of Sharing, I felt satisfied and good knowing that I was helping out people who might not have been able to provide meals for themselves or their families. Someone’s self-esteem goes up and their stress goes down, knowing they are helping others in need. That means that they can live a healthier, more satisfying, lifestyle. It also improves someone’s ability to speak to others and gain communication skills so they can use in the future. Gaining all these abilities will help in everyday life from speaking to people to giving a helping hand. Because of me volunteering as a coach, I now understand what it’s like to try to control and teach elementary students, at the same time. It was really difficult but because of me going through that situation, I can now assume that if I do plan on being a coach one day, that I ,at least, am prepared on what I am getting myself into. Population There were a total of 4 grade levels with about 40 to 60 students, around the ages of 8 to 12, in each grade. Each grade level has a total of 3 teachers, and the gym has 2 coaches. I volunteered with about 20 staff members and 150 students. There were also activities where the parents can come and participate with their children throughout the school year. Some parent friendly programs are field day, it’s like a mini Olympics for the school, and D.A.R.E. programs that usually happen at the lake.
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