Student Loan Debt Is A New Graduates Biggest Fear

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Student loan debt is a new graduates biggest fear and something many students that want to go to college do not think about until they edge closer and closer to graduation or completion of their degree. Asking Good Questions:Case Studies In Ethics And Critical Thinking (2015) discusses the problem with student loan debt and why the Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012, submitted to congress by Hansen Clarke, would be beneficial to students who have student loans (p. 86). Students are taken advantage of with student loans. Most students cannot afford to go to college and turn to student loans. Usually this is a combination of the students, parents, and financial aids ideas and problem solving in order to afford the schooling at the university or college of choice. The student is the one who signs the agreement that they will pay off the loan. Most students do not read the booklet that you have to read before signing, and most also do not read the small print. Both of these pieces of literature include the interest rates that constitute the bill that the student will have to pay in the future. Students do not read these because they are just so excited to be able to go to college and not have to worry about paying all of it during their schooling. Most students that receive student loans come from a place of disadvantage. In a documentary called Default:The Student Loan Documentary (2013) that we watched in class most of these students could not afford school

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