Student Loan Debt On College Students

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Student Loan Debt on College Students Student loans are becoming more and more of a problem for college students all across the United States. As college tuition has significantly increased over the past years, it has become extremely common for most college students to finance their education through student loans. Tuition has become so expensive that it is almost unheard of for a student to pay for their tuition out of pocket or by working for their education part time. As the result of tuition being so high, many students often graduate from college with thousands of dollars in debt waiting to be paid off. More often than not, people do not think of the consequences of taking out so many student loans, they usually have some reasoning behind why they take out as many student loans as they do and in return do not think about the after-effects and consequences of borrowing that much money. Most people do not worry about their loans because they expect to make a decent salary after graduating and believe that they will be able to pay back all of the loans later on in life. Due to the extreme cost of college and students obligation to take out student loans, college campuses should require students to become aware of the dangers of pulling more student loans than necessary. “Aside from increased stress, such debt has numerous economic consequences. It can compromise students’ higher education decisions and their ability to complete their studies.” Clive R. Belfield,

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