Student Loans For Education Equal Success

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Student Loans Assisting For Education Equal Success After reading the articles on, “The Myth of the Student Loan Crisis” it was stated that student loans are the crisis because of the hundred dollars worth of debt. The second article, “Here’s Your Crisis: Student Loans Debt Isn’t a Myth” explains that student loan crisis is not a myth but the fear of debts are preventing students from attending college. These articles provided information to prove my beliefs that the government has a responsibility to educate citizens. In the first article my goal is to show how student loans are a myth. Secondly I will elaborate on the fact that student loans aren’t a myth but the fears of the student loans are the crisis. Last my paper will show how…show more content…
The article showed that the student debt crisis was due to increase in college cost and student drowning in six figures debts. The info graphic show that only 1.2% out of 100% of student loans was $100, 000 plus which was not a myth. The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau indicates that student debt is over 1 trillion dollars. These loans included private companies like Sallie Mae and federal loans directly from the Department of Education. From 2007 until 2012 the increase in college tuition caused an increase in student loans. The average debt of a college graduate is over $30,000. The problem is that over half of the most recent graduates are not employed or not using their degree because the weak job market. Many of the student loans have become delinquent and are in default. Another reason for the crisis is the increase of students with degrees, but the lack of job growth. This is why it is not just a debt crisis but an affordability crisis. Due to the student loan debt many graduates are miserable. This is setting fear in the students and preventing them from going to college. That is why this is a crisis not a myth. The advantages of, an educated citizen are better jobs with higher income, better housing, better transportation, better educated children, a better quality of life, and positively contributes to becoming an active member of society. Citizen and education go hand and hand. Educated citizens
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