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STUDENT MOTIVATION IN COLLEGE Motivation is defined as the acts or psychological processes that arouse and direct people’s goal-directed behavior (Kinicki & Williams, 2012) and that drives them to the expenditure of effort to accomplish results (DuBrin, 2008, cited in Williams & Williams, 2011); seen that way, motivation is inherent to the human being and of complete necessity in order to realize any endeavor. It’s pertinent to cite H. W. Beecher who said: “God made man to go by motives, and he will not go without them any more than a boat without steam, or a balloon without gas. Find out what motivates man, touch that button to turn the key that makes men achieve”. (cited in Williams & Williams, 2011). Student motivation is one of the most important factors educators can address to improve learning, besides, numerous evidence suggest that the lack or loss of motivation is one of the most common and persistent problems in the classroom (Pintrich, 1994, cited in Debnath, 2005); and for adult learning, or students in higher education, the creation of appropriate classroom environments, and the need for enhancing academic performance is a constant objective and unresolved goal of most academic institutions (Debnath, 2005). But motivation is a very complex subject and there have been developed multiple approaches that try to explain it in order to be able to modify, increase or direct motivation to achieve results. From monetary incentives to stimulate student performance

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