Student Motivation and Retention Essays

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Student Motivation and Retention

I decided to write most of paper about motivation because motivation is something that is lacking in several of my students in Junction City. I want to help students develop the motivation to learn math instead of hearing the bad attitude they have developed for mathematics. It is so frustrating to hear a student say that they do not care. Also in my paper, I plan to intertwine the topic of retention. My paper will lean more towards retaining students in math at the middle school level rather than college like the articles we read in class. I know that students can not switch out of math in the middle school, but they can choose to take many math classes in high school and choose a major in
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Only one article I found discussed high school dropouts and the reasons for dropping out.

From the articles in class, I will talk about three of them that relate to retention. Treisman’s article showed how a math workshop could make a huge difference in the retention of math students at the college level. This workshop can be related to a middle or high school setting. Malcolm’s article gave several useful strategies that help students succeed. She also helps point out some of the down falls to Treisman’s workshop. Lastly, I will talk about Seymour and Hewitt’s article, which gave an overview of why people may leave the science, engineering or mathematics majors.

III. Precis

Have you ever heard a parent complain that their pre-schooler is unmotivated? Probably not. At a young age, curiosity develops a motivation to want to learn, but the sad fact is that motivation for learning frequently seems to shrink. A child’s home environment is the place where the attitudes develop towards learning. Parents need to encourage this curiosity to know the world around them by answering their questions. By encouraging them, children will see learning as fun and worth their time. Once a child starts school, they begin to form beliefs about what they succeed in and fail in. Students will relate their failures to lack of ability or lack of effort, which will follow them throughout school in every learning situation. (Lumsden)

1. What
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