Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee

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Young people throughout history have been drawn to social movements. These social movements often included marches and non-violent protesting, but not all of them included violence at the hands of police or nights where sleep is impossible because of fear. The young people involved in Freedom Summer in 1964 would change the course of history, but not without significant sacrifices. Freedom Summer or the Mississippi Summer Project was the brainchild of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee or SNCC. The project had four main goals, to expand African American voter registration, to organize a legally constituted “Freedom Democratic Party” that will challenge the whites-only Mississippi Democratic Party, to establish “freedom schools” and to open community centers where legal and medical assistance were available. In order to achieve these goals SNCC specifically recruited 800 white students under the age of 21. “Most of the volunteers were white students who had participated in civil rights activities in the North…The fact that the volunteers were expected to forgo summer jobs, to pay for their own transportation, and to provide their own bond money in the event of arrest ensured that affluent students predominated.” These students joined the already solid African American activist core in the South. The African American staff members who worked with the white volunteers often felt ambivalent about the need for white people to be hurt during the movement to get
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