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Analysis of Senior Management Group in Film “Patterns” Executive Summary Mission Culture is the culture archetype best describes the senior management group at Ramsey Company. Mr. Ramsey takes sale growth as the goal of company. He rewards the employees who can meet this goal and publishes the employees who against it. For example. Briggs opposes to lay off labors. However, Mr. Ramsey believes that it will cut the production cost and then increase the sales growth. For that, Mr. Ramsey decides to push Briggs to resign. This culture is not effective in this company. Clan Culture is the least describes the senior management culture. Clan Culture focus on the involvement and participation of employees. However,…show more content…
Description of Organization Cultural Artifacts People can find some explicit organization culture artifacts from Ramsey Company. First artifact is Rite of Enhancement. Mr. Ramsey gives Staples a new office and a good house when he first arrives the company. He uses it to encourage new employee’ participation and commitment. After Mr. Ramsey read Staples’ report, he says Staples is the replacement of Briggs. Although Staples does not show any gratitude, it is still a way to enhance people’s behavior of innovation. Then when Staples tries to quiet after Briggs died, Mr. Ramsey double his salary, gives him a promotion, even add Staples’ requirement about break Mr. Ramsey’s jaw into new contract. Mr. Ramsey does it because he wants to retain talents. He says that Staples is the only people in this company can get his level. Mr. Ramsey uses Rite of Enhancement to reward those people who can give good opinion to achieve company’s domain values, sales growth and innovation. He also uses it to show other employees what is good behaviour in this company. Second artifact is Rite of Degradation. Mr. Ramsey wants Briggs to leave but he does not want to fire Briggs. Therefore, he keep pushing Briggs to resign and does not try to hide his intend. He does that because Briggs opposes domain value of company. Mr. Ramsey needs to show employees that he will not allow
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