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Name: Chao Li, Sharon Stell
Professor: Elias G. Rizkallah
Class: MKTG 676 Advertising Management Group case study March-06-2013 1. Background: (1) History: Cadbury Beverages, Inc. is the beverage division of Cadbury Schweppes PLC, a major global soft drink and confectionery marketer, located in London, England; worldwide headquarters are in Stamford, Connecticut. Company is the world’s first soft drink maker and 4th largest soft drink marketer. Its history can be traced to 1783 in London. The first major product of the Schweppes was artificial mineral water. After the development of 80 years, in 1960s, the company had
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As the model above described, if the competitor did more Ads effort than the company, the firm will lose the market. On the other hand, if the company loses the market shares if the products were as good as their competitors that mean the company did not do enough effort on Ads. 3) As we discussed above, the soft drinks are low involve product. The best way to promote is good attraction to let customers to make first buy and good taste to let the consumers make future purchases. However, all competitors and Cadbury ignore the most important channel for Ads, the exhibit position and the in store Ads. 4) The competitors have already built a huge gap between them and Cadbury. It is very hard for Cadbury to catch up. Too strong competitors are the most terrible problem for this company, they put more money on Ads and the market awareness is much better than Cadbury. And the position can be hardly replaced by Cadbury. 3. Alternatives and evaluation of alternatives: (1) Create a new advertising network:
The Old Advertising did not work anymore. The most important evidences are the forms below.

The market share and the coverage of crush were decreasing year by year, since the found of Mandarin Orange Slice and Minute Maid Orange brands. That means the competitors put more efficient effort on advertisement. That’s way the market share of Mandarin Orange Slice and Minute Maid Orange brands were increasing during 1985-1989.

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