Student Population Is Esl High School Students

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Information on the students:

The targeted student population is ESL high school students (around 18 years old and above) who have mastered the L2 basic writing skills, such as writing grammatically correct sentences, building compound sentences, using prepositional phrases, etc. They are bilingual and culturally varied. Their L1 skills are a little bit better than that of L2.

Students’ goal: Their goals are primarily to develop writing skills and, for this particular class, to learn how to develop procedural writing skills.

Information on the context of the lesson: Assuming that the students have already mastered the basic writing skills over the last two months, this class comes before the end of the semester. To illustrate, the
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2) Then, remind the students of their homework and check if they did the reading for today’s lesson. After that, generally speaking, ask the students “when do we use procedural writing?” and “what do we use it for?”
3) Give them around 2 minutes to think about these questions and then ask them to voice what they came up with. At the same time, using some praise and encouraging phrases for participants such as “Great!” “Thank you!” “Awesome!” etc.

3) Rephrase their answers and add some more to let them know when and why- before we address the how- we need this type of writing tasks. For instance, I will tell the students that we compose procedural writing when describing some steps of how-to-do things such as making a recipe, installing a chair rail etc.

4) Ask the students to think of a situation in which they had to demonstrate how to do something to someone. For instance, “could you please students think of a time when you had show your friends how to download a game from Appstore?”

5) After a minute has passed, ask the students to pair up and share their ideas with their partner. (Think-pair-share)
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