Student Privacy vs Student Safety

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Why do schools NOT notify the police when a violent disturbance occurs? One would assume that when there is an assault or threat upon a student, the police would be the first people to be notified. When there is violence, or threats of violence against students in an academic setting, information about the threats and the troublesome student should be shared with the police. But Universities usually do not provide this information to the police. Lynn Daggett, a Professor at the Gonzaga University School of Law, states, “Schools struggle with whether, when, and how to involve police, both when students appear to present a threat to others, as in high profile cases, and also when the school suspects a student of criminal behavior”…show more content…
Since Hoeft’s experience, she now says to dial 911 first, then alert student services or other departments of the college because the police are trained for these distressing cases and are not worried about the schools image but only the security of the public (Hoeft). Police can reorganize old tactics to make them more efficient but an element that the police do not have control over is academic violence is the amount of data they can receive about students that may be a threat to the protection of the school. Lucinda Roy, an English professor at Virginia Tech spoke of her difficulties as a tutor to the mentally ill killer, Seung-Hui Cho, in her book No Right to Remain Silent. In her book, Roy discussed the shooting that occurred on April 16, 2007, and her experience dealing with this troubled student. Cho, a mentally disturbed student, had made threatening remarks in his English work to his classmates and his teacher, which made them feel unsafe in the classroom. The English teacher of Cho's class suggested that they bring in a security during the class, but instead Roy decided to tutor Cho; the English teacher still wanted protection but the request was denied. If the students and staff felt unsafe with this individual, to the point that the teacher wanted security to be involved, why weren’t the police notified about this troubled student to secure the
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